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Foundry Brothers is finally here!

April 25, 2019 2 min read

Foundry Brothers is finally here!

We've been hibernating all winter trying to build a business around our love for art and manufacturing and the finish line is finally here!

For a long time, it's been a dream of ours to get into the art business using our industrial and manufacturing talents. The three brothers grew up on Disney and all had the dream to work in animation at one point or another. Alas, that dream died when we all realized we had no drawing talent but the interest never died.

So for many years, we've toiled away in our industrial and manufacturing business (www.electro-wind.com for a shamless plug), but always had lots of opportunities to dabble in metal, granite, wood, stained glass as art projects for friends, family and customers.

Back in November, I caught inspiration from following some other metal art entrepreneurs and thought we might be able to turn this into a fully fledged business.

So, the 3 brothers put our heads together to build Foundry Brothers. We are by no means a production line of high volume art. We have a waterjet machine that does the heavy lifting (or cutting in this case), but from there, every piece on our site is hand-polished, hand-painted and finished with love. Every piece is unique and many of our designs are exclusive and commissioned by Foundry Brothers.

We offer a wide variety of standard colors on the majority of our pieces and let me tell you, our paint finishes are outstanding. We wanted to mimic the type of finishes used in high end decor so many of our pieces come in stunning versions of copper, brass, bronze, gold or nickle. We also offer some colors that pop depending on the piece. 

We want to offer unique designs, handcrafted quality and personality and we think we've achieved it here.

As you will probably notice from our social media channels and product pages, we have a hell of a lot of fun doing it too...and maybe we're a little bit off but we blame that mostly on our parents.

On that note, we couldn't have done this without our very supportive and understanding wives, amazing parents, family, friends and very talented staff at Electrowind and Foundry Brothers. 

So welcome. Have a look around. We hope you'll find something unique to hang on your wall...and we hope you'll tell your friends and family about us too as we want to share the Foundry Brothers love with everyone!

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